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Galco Avenger steer hide belt holster

Galco Avenger Belt Holster
and Double Mag Carrier

by Joe Gorman

Galco holsters are renowned for true premium quality with custom shop attention to detail while remaining reasonably priced.

I've been wearing the excellent Galco Avenger steer hide belt holster backed up by a Galco Double Magazine Carrier for every day concealed carry of my SIG P226 SAO. More importantly, the Galco Avenger easily passed the retained pistol test when turned upside down and shaken. You should also know this holster had the longest break in period of any I can remember! Galco recommends putting your pistol into a plastic sack and inserting it into the holster to help break it in. That proved to be good advice.

Galco Avenger's design includes double stitching on the trigger side and the leather wraps around the slide, doubling at the trigger side slot in order to ensure a strong and durable slot. The reinforced mouth continues down to provide the rear slot. The holster rides high and tight. The channel for accommodating the sights is particularly well executed.

wide Galco Avenger holster belt

Notice how the Avenger offers a very conservative slant. While some aficionados call this a no slant, as you can see in the pictures, the holster does slant at least a little.

The Galco Double Magazine Carrier is a crafted from high-quality, finished leather with consistent fit and quality. This magazine carrier securely holds two double-stack magazines and looks rather stylish to my eye. When loaded up with a magazine in the Sig, and two spares in the Double Magazine Carrier, I'm packing 45-rounds of ammunition. That's probably enough for a trip to the grocery store!

The Galco Avenger sells for $75-$100, with a street price of about $55 for the Double Magazine Carrier. The holster/mag carrier package's affordable price and extreme high-quality qualify the duo for a Shooters Report Great Buy. Just be ready for an extended break in period.