Galco TacSlide Holster


by Joe Gorman

Galco's TacSlide combines steerhide and Kydex in a belt holster that's eminently concealable, fast on the draw, and economically priced.


Back in the day we had yet to even hear of Kydex and we liked it that way! For the record, in this day and age, besides leather, Galco now also makes Kydex gear. More to the point, it makes a cool Tac Slide Belt holster for the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield that combines comfortable steerhide and Kydex for a best-of-both-worlds rig,

TacSlide accommodates belts up to 1 3/4 -inches wide. The wide spacing of the holster's 1 3/4" belt slots pulls the handgun in snugly against the body for excellent concealment. Moreover, TacSlide's silhouetted, belt-slide design accommodates multiple barrel lengths on the same basic frame size while at the same time minimizing overall bulk. Personally, I like the way the steerhide backplate smoothly it rides against the side of my body, greatly increasing my comfort level. In the real world, that means I'm less likely to be subconciously touching that spot and inadvertently revealing my carry.


Coincidentally, perfect for holding that TacSlide rig in place, Galco makes a full grain cowhide COP belt that measures 1 1/2 -inch wide. The thickness of the COP belt is designed to support a weapon and ensures your holster/weapon stays place and does not sag. The Nickel-plated brass buckle adds a casual touch that makes the belt appropriate for jeans or Dockers.

At a minimum, you'll also need provision to carry a backup magazine and a bright flashlight, right? No problem. Galco's COP magazine/flashlight paddle holds a spare magazine and a flashlight with a 1-inch diameter. The paddle features two adjustable retention screws and the injection molded belt-lock paddle firmly grips the inside of the waistband and can be put on, or taken off, without removing your belt. Galco TacSlide is available for popular semiautos and double-action revolvers.

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