• Putting the New Colt Commanders Through Their Paces

    Colt Commander

    The reason I own Colt Commanders is because they maintain a Government model’s grip size, magazine capacity and reliability while shaving ¾ of an inch from the barrel and slide, thus increasing the concealability, all without sacrificing accuracy, at least in my hands. I also think the balance is a bit better with a Commander vs a Government too. In other words, the Colt Commander is just right for concealed carry. - more -

  • The Return of Smith and Wesson's K-frame
    Combat Magnum Snubnose Model 66-8


    I really wanted to not like this revolver. The two-piece barrel from the top down doesn't look quite true. But!!! The timing of the Model 66-8 is perfect. Thumb back the hammer as slowly as you can and just try to get the hammer back before the cylinder stops. You can’t do it. Go shoot 300 full power.357 magnum 125gr JHP loads through it and try it again. I’ll bet it’s still in time. I tried it! The Model 66-8 also features a full length ejector rod which very positively ejects .357 magnum cases even when the cylinders - more -

    - Colt 1911 Wiley Clapp Government Model and SIG P226S Legion


    There was a time when serious shooters begrudgingly accepted the fact that they would need to ship a brand new auto pistol off to a gunsmith to make it ready for concealed carry duty. No matter how sound the original design, there were improvements that needed to be made before a new pistol was ready for the holster. Fortunately manufacturers got the message and began producing pistols that "gun guys" could purchase and carry right out of the box. I wanted to take a look at two of these "ready for duty" pistols: The Colt Wiley Clapp Government Model and the SIG P226SAO Legion. - more -

  • CYLINDER & SLIDE - Browning Hi Power Modifications
    How Cylinder and Slide Makes One of the World's Best Handguns Even Better.

  • Right out of the box I immediately field stripped it to examine all the meticulous work done to my Browning. Some aspects of the C&S makeover were apparent: the barrel crowning, the new trigger, the new thumb safety, the new hole in the slide for the improved sear lever. Other aspects of the work required more inspection: the breech face was smooth, I could see the center rail had the tool marks polished off of it and the feed ramp glistened. - more -

  • Tested: Colt Series 70 - .45 ACP

    In the case of the pistol currently under review, the Colt Government 1911 Series 70, I’m pleased to say that it is in fact not built like it used to be. As a natural born skeptic, I’m guilty of uttering the cliché “they don’t build them like they used to.” Many times this is an accurate sentiment as our society continues to stumble down the path of cheap and disposable consumer goods. In the case - more -

  • 9mm Shoot out: Browning High Power, SIG P226, Glock 17

    SIG p226

    The Browning Hi Power Standard is a supermodel: Svelte, graceful and gorgeous in polished blue. This pistol has no equal in elegance. The P226 SAO provides all the technological advantages of the modern SIG design along with a 1911-esque firing system. The Glock is the most prolific law enforcement duty weapon in America AND has generated a cult following like no other. Find out how this trio compares at the 25-yard line. - more -

  • Smith & Wesson Integrates Crimson Trace Laser With Its Bodyguard Semi-Auto Pistol and Revolver

    Smith & Wesson Corp. has joined forces with Crimson Trace® to match integrated laser sighting systems with its of BODYGUARD® handguns. According to the firearms manufacturer, its BODYGUARD firearms deliver the performance, quality and reliability that has become the hallmark of these industry leading companies. Easily activated Crimson Trace’s signature tactile feel, the new laser sighting systems - more -

  • Reworking the Venerable Colt Officer's Model

    colt 1911 officer's model

    Take a Brand New 1911 Colt Officer's Model Out of its box and Holster it in a Inside-the-Pants-Rig? Chop nearly two inches off the barrel and an inch off the frame of a Colt 1911-A1 and what do you end up with? A highly effective, eminently concealable and still accurate Colt officer's model. Is it good enough to take a brand new 1911 Colt Officer's model out of its box and immediately holster it in a inside-the-pants-rig - more -

  • Smith & Wesson's Model 640 Torture Test

    S & W Model 640 in .357 Magnum caliber

    Can The Smith and Wesson Model 640 Small Frame Survive .357 Magnum Punishment? The day the new Smith and Wesson Model 640 in .357 arrived at my home, I had to smile. With its 2 1/8" barrel and svelte 22-ounce weight, the 640 doesn't seem a likely candidate to house the mighty three-five-seven round. More than one new-handgun-purchaser has been burned by otherwise reputable handgun manufacturers that introduced - more -

  • Was Macht der Glock Besser?

    glock pistol

    Why Glock's High-Tech, Double-Action, Semi-Automatic Handgun Took Sport Shooting and U.S. Law Enforcement by Storm. The slide leaps forward, chambering the first round with a precise metallic snap. Light seems absorbed by the dark-finished steel slide, polymer receiver and grip. The Glock is light and controllable in your hands, easy to point. White highlights on front and rear sights line up quickly. At the range officer's signal, you take aim, slip your finger inside the trigger guard - more -

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