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Field Testing
Coleman's Xtreme Marine Cooler

A Four-Day Walk in the Sun
with a Coleman Cooler.

by Joe Gorman

the Coleman 70 Quart Xtreme cooler

So out in the high plains this year, we experienced days that were 104-degrees. That was hot. For our last outing in late September, the day-time highs were in the upper 80s. While that made for pretty enjoyable days we were no less thirsty when we came back to camp from long reconnoitering walks. Fortunately the Coleman Xtreme Marine Cooler lived up to its claims and kept ice for 4-days.

While based on past experience, and the company's reputation, I trusted the claims of Coleman with respect to how long this cooler could keep ice. That said, I really wanted to be sure we had cold drinks to sip and that our perishable food would not spoil leaving us hungry. So all the water and soda and drinks we were putting in the cooler had been cooled in the refrigerator prior to throwing it in the cooler and then everything was blanketed under ice cubes.

We were not particularly kind to the cooler. We just left it out in the hot sun without shade. The only thing we did to help the cooler do its job was to ensure the lid was solidly closed after each opening. The first morning was shrouded in fog that had burned off by 10 am or so. After that, it was bright and sunny on every day we stayed in the field. Did I mention the cooler had no problem keeping the ice solid?

For my fellow germaphobes, it's worth noting that the lining of this cooler is anti-microbial! Another worthy characteristic, its drain system does not require tilting in order to drain.

So in the final analysis, I pronounce this cooler GOOD TO GO for the hunting camp!