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profile of a Remington .223 caliber bullet

.223 Remington
62-grain Match Ammunition

A Very Accurate Round Boasting the Benefits of a Custom Handload With the Price and Availability of a Factory Load

By Joe W Gorman

Bushnell one-mile riflescope

Simply stated, Remington's Premier Match .223 ammo is the factory's most accurate round. It boasts a premium bullet combined with strict particularly manufacturing tolerances. Which is to say the round features all the benefits of a custom handload with the price and availability of a factory load. For the record, Remington recommends this loading for use in Competition, Target Shooting and of course, Hunting.

I took a couple boxes to the range to sight in a SIG 516 Patrol and fired this Remington match round against Hornady, Winchester and Federal ammunition. I used my Caldwell Lead sled prone, to take out as much human interaction as I could when testing. My target was set up at 100-yards downrange, as confirmed by a Bushnell Elite I mile ARC laser range finder and shot over my F-1 Master Chrony to keep tabs on velocities. While all the ammo proved to be accurate, it should come as no surprise to learn the Remington Match load did the best.

profile image of a master chrony brand chronograph

My best group measured .27-inch at 100-yards, but the average measured .5-inch at 100- yards in 5-shot groups. This .270-inch CTC 3-shot group was the tightest I've ever fired. Since that day at the range I have not been able to duplicate it. Of further interest, the ammo printed around one half-inch for the rest of the day's testing. While I only shot at 100-yards, doing due diligence, I discovered it's common for other shooters to report sub-MOA accuracy at 200-yards.

While I noted that I was not able to duplicate the .270-inch group again, I really didn't have ANY 3-shot group go much beyond .50-inch even after I stopped using the Lead Sled and shot prone from a Harris Bipod. So while the short tube of the SIG516 (16-inches) does shed a bit more velocity with Remington's powder than I'd like to see, it sure doesn't hurt the accuracy of this amazing round. It's a remarkable load.

Remington 62 grain match ammunition
Ammo Bullet weight Bullet Factory Spec. Velocity (fps) Barrel Length Barrel Twist Average Velocity(fps) Best Group
Remington R223R6 62 grains Hollow Point Match 3025 16-inches 1 in 7 inches 2541 .270