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Coleman gear outfitting a campsite

Coleman Gear for the Campsite

Coffee Makers and Dual Fuel Lanterns
for the Comfortable Campsite

I may be cheap, but my comfort is still important to me. When I go hunting out of state, I camp out, I don't stay at hotels. I enjoy being away from cell signals and beyond the shadow of human structures. And when I say camp I mean tent camp.

by Joe W Gorman

My kids have all been backpack camping with dad, sort of a rite of passage, learning how to camp out in the woods and stay warm and dry with the gear they pack in on their backs. And while I don't have a lot of cutting-edge technology gear (I typically choose military surplus gear for durability's sake) I tend to bring enough stuff to stay relatively comfortable. For example I always bring cigars and a small Sony radio when I go camping. I enjoy relaxing near a campfire with a cigar and listening to certain radio shows, DX'd on the AM band while the kids make Smores.

One thing I also always bring is provision to make coffee. Gotta have coffee in the morning. When we go backpacking, I use my canteen cup and a single burner Coleman stove to boil water and I pour the hot water into a filter holder with a couple scoops of coffee thrown in. This is great for one cup at a time coffee. But I usually want more than one cup of coffee. Especially when we're on the road.


Enter the Coleman
10 cup propane coffee maker

I got the variant with the stainless carafe. It's easy to clean (unlike percolating coffee in a pot over an open fire) and once you connect a propane tank it's easy to operate too, just turn it on and press the igniter button. No matches needed. When I read the spec that it makes 10 cups in 15 minutes that seemed like a long time, but I can now say it's about par with my coffee maker at home. Oh man, seriously, a great piece of gear for your car camping adventures. One of the few camping gizmos that my wife liked when she saw it. Our kids are all distance runners and we go to their cross country meets rain, shine or snow. Busting out a coffee maker and brewing up fresh coffee for the thermal mugs will make you a big hit at the meets (provided you share :). When you get home you can even throw the carafe and the filter basket in the dishwasher. I did have to run two pots of water through the unit to get the residual gunk left over by the manufacturing process out, but that was to be expected and then I was good to go.


The Dual Fuel Lantern

I have an old Peak One single mantle lantern. Great lantern. It is always packed away in my rucksack, ready for backpacking. For our hunting camp, I wanted a bit more horsepower. And there is no more practical lantern than the Coleman Dual Fuel lantern. In a pinch you can run it on unleaded gasoline. I like the ability to have a plan bravo in an emergency. I also got the lantern/case bundle as the globe is glass and fragile so, cases are good I thought.

What can you say about the light this guy gives off? Super bright, I can't imagine the even brighter variant. I'd think that could get annoyingly bright. The lantern even comes with mantles. Great stuff and as American as muscle cars. There is something reassuring about the coleman lantern's gentle hiss around the campsite. Once you bust out this lantern at the campsite, you'll feel naked camping without one.

My lanterns get pressed into service when we need to make repairs around the farm when the power goes out too. Fortunately these lanterns are field repairable should they fail. The last Coleman product 'll mention (because as I looked around our assembled camp I sure saw that name a lot) is the Silverton 150 (25 degree) sleeping bag.

This little sleeping bag is probably about as heavy as you want to go for a backpacking sleeping bag. He comes in his own stuff sack and comfortably accommodates my 6' 2" height. This guy is full of Coletherm, which I suspect is Coleman's Hollowtherm or Thermalfill, or what have you. Some of that higher tech fill stuff.

I'm not sure about its 25-degree rating, I think I'd have some seriously heavy duty sweats on to test that but for late spring/summer/early fall, this guy looks good to go.

Ok, enough Coleman gushing, I like Coleman stuff. I think that's apparent. I can recommend all this gear as this isn't my first rodeo with Coleman stuff. It's saved my proverbial bacon more than once.