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Universal Cleaning Rod System

Lyman's Universal Cleaning Rod System
Fits All Handgun and Rifle Bore Diameters
From .17 to .45 Caliber

Lyman Cleaning Rod System

Lyman's Universal Cleaning Rod System covers all handguns and rifles with two 12" and two 36" rods that thread into the ergonomic swivel handle. Like the handle, the cleaning rods are chemical resistant. In addition, the rods are machined from spring steel and have a tough, non-abrasive proprietary epoxy coating. One handle fits all rod lengths and calibers.

The rods are threaded to mount all the world's standard 8-32 jags and brushes, such as those included in Lyman's new 26 Piece Complete Jag and Brush Set (details follow). All of the rods and the Universal Handle are available separately, and important to note, a special .17 caliber rod is available.

The rods proper are manufactured from the finest spring steel and treated with a tough proprietary epoxy coating that's easier on the rifling's lands and grooves. It should come as no big surprise to learn the ergonomically-shaped handle feels comfortable, and just like the epoxy-coated rod, it to is chemical resistant. The assortment of rods are interchangeable and available in different calibers and lengths to better fit both handguns and rifles. The universal Cleaning Rod Set includes Universal Handle plus 4 most popular rods.

the Lyman Bore Guide for cleaning rifle barrels

Lyman Universal Bore Guide Set

Lyman's Universal Bore Guide Set was designed to work with most cleaning rods like Lyman's new Universal Cleaning Rod System and the soon to be discussed Jag and Brush Set. The bore guides work their magic by centering the cleaning rod & jag smack dab in the well ... dead center in the chamber. Naturally it follows, doing so protects both the chamber and the bore from abrasion that would otherwise occur due to the cleaning rod.

Lyman has dubbed this kit Universal for the simple fact that it fits most bolt actions and even includes a special adapter sleeve for the AR-15 family of firearms. Component parts are precision-machined from durable, anodized aluminum. And the set comes with interchangeable tips covering bore sizes ranging from .17 up to .416. One particularly nice touch, the thread-on nozzles prevent the guide's sticking in the chamber. Also, the guide's specially-machined port makes applying solvent to the inserted cleaning patch easier and neater than trying to push a wet patch into the open end of the guide. Lyman's Universal Bore Guide Set is priced at $14.95.

Lyman Jags and Brushes intended for bore cleaning

Lyman's Complete
26-Piece Jag and Brush Set

Lyman's 26-Piece Jag and Brush Set covers all bore diameters from .17 to .45 and the caddy it comes in does a good job keeping bore cleaning necessities protected and organized in a durable, hinged storage container. Organized by caliber, this set has dedicated slots for each jag and brush from .17 to .45 caliber. The hinged covers are see-through and slots are clearly marked by caliber for quick selection, It's easy to see which jag or brush you want and, as an aside, it's easy to keep things neat and organized. All of the jags and brushes use standard 8-32 thread, with the sole exception of .17 caliber which uses the more diminutive 5-40 thread. This set is the perfect companion to Lyman's Universal Cleaning Rod System. The Complete 26 Piece Jag & Brush Set is priced at $32.95 The set's two 12" and two 36" rods are complemented by a jag and brush set plus a universal bore guide that protects rifling against damage.