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Caldwell Industries Portable Shooting Rest - the DeadShot ChairPod

A Shooting Rest Allows A Shooter to Better Concentrate on Sight Alignment, Trigger Control and Breathing

Chair Pod  Hunting Blind

By Timothy P. Banse

You already know how a shooting rest removes the shooter from the equation so as to better sight in a scope or to test ammo. But a portable shooting rest goes one better, by supporting the rifle in the woods or at an unimproved shooting range, where once again, you can better concentrate on sight alignment, trigger control and breathing.

Suffice it to say that the Caldwell DeadShot ChairPod provides true benchrest accuracy from a single shooting unit. With one, there is no need to bother with carrying chairs and separate rests out to the ground blind or the range to sight-in your weapon.

DeadShot Chair Pod for hunting

ChairPod provides everything in a single package. Heart and soul of the gizmo is a comfortable, heavy-duty chair replete with an integral post and swing arm assembly that fully supports your weapon, both at the muzzle and butt. The stability it provides extends effective shooting range by stabilizing the entire weight of weapon or crossbow. Further, holding the weapon securely in the ready position frees up hands for binoculars, rangefinder or simply stuffing them in warm pockets.

ChairPod's innovative multi-bearing, swing arm system provides smooth and stable traverse from extreme angles left to right with minimal body movement. The chair silently azimuths a full 360° to quickly get the target. Combined with a tension adjustable up/down tilt function, the rest allows for precise alignment across the entire range of possible shooting angles. Rubber over-molded front and rear forks, along with a retention strap, ensure your weapon is held securely at all times. Approximate weight: 22 pounds.

chair pod backpack set up

ChairPod has transformed my life in the field. Instead of sitting on the cold, cold ground, waiting, waiting, patiently waiting for wild game to show up, I lounge in the chair. Then, during Summer months, I sometimes bring Chair Pod to unimproved shooting ranges. You know the kind, the ones without benefit of concrete pads, or gravel, let alone tables and benches. Not a problem for me. The trip from the car trunk to my chosen space is painless. ChairPod has backpack straps built-in. Setting up only takes about a minute.

Finally, during the week, my kids use ChairPod for plinking away at NRA paper targets with BBs and AirSoft pellets. What's good about that scenario is that with the dedicated shooting rest, they take shooting more seriously than if they were just mindlessly, whacking pop cans.