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old eynsford black powder

Olde Eynsford Black Powder

Match grade, handcrafted through all the different phases of its manufacturing process, Goex uses only select-grade materials to include: Premium charcoal, sulfur and potassium nitrate.

by Timothy P. Banse

It's no big secret consistency is fundamental to attaining premium performance from blackpowder. So naturally it follows that’s a parameter in the formulation and fabrication of GOEX’s Olde Eynsford Royal Blend match-grade blackpowder. Unlike most other blackpowders, wherein one finds a variation in grain size, that's just not the case with Olde Eynsford. Instead, from top to bottom, each individual grain is uniform in size. "This takes variables out of the equation," proudly says Chris Hodgdon, Hodgdon Powder spokesman (Hodgdon owns Goex).

There's even more to the story. Olde Eynsford is formulated with some slightly different ingredients than the ubiquitous Red can GOEX line of F-series black powder. This fact becomes obvious when comparing Olde Eynsford versus Goex volume to volume. For example, Eynsford is noticeably lighter weight and it also burns very fast and clean. There is noticeably less smoke. Fouling is reasonably soft and deposits are easy to scrub clean. No swabbing between shots!

Know that Olde Eynsford is not a black powder substitute, but instead it's a true blackpowder and gtherfore is classified as a Class A explosive offered in 1½ FG, 2 FG, and 3 FG grades (of granulation) and packaged in 1-lb. plastic containers.

You probably already knew the G in FFg stands for glazed meaning the powder was corned, dried, and polished. Simply put, glazing black powder equals polishing black powder. By this process the powder is placed in polishing barrels and tumbled, knocking off any sharp corners, polishing kernels so that they obtain a shiny glass-like (hence glazed) appearance. This glass-like finish retards the burn rate and making for a more uniform powder. Contrary to popular opinion, the G does not stand for Grains or Graphite.

Finally, for what it's worth, the nameplace Eynsford is a village and civil parish in the Sevenoaks District of Kent, England, located south east of Swanley. As far as the brand name of blackpowder Olde Eynsford, there is no connection that we have tracked down.