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Triple 7 MuzzleLoading Propellant

Besides Delivering higher Velocities, Triple 7 Also Burns Cleaner.

A one-pound cannister of Triple 7 black powder substitute propellant

by Timothy P. Banse

High energy Triple Seven provides the muzzleloading shooter with higher velocities when used in the same VOLUME as blackpowder. So naturally it follows in order to duplicate a blackpowder-load-velocity with Triple Seven propellant, you must decrease the powder charge by 15%. Besides delivering higher velocities, it also burns cleaner. Unlike Pyrodex or Goex, Triple Seven is not a volumetric substitute for black powder. Instead, Triple Seven is, volume for volume, more powerful and users should follow load recommendations from the manufacturer.

Cleaning up after firing either Hodgdon Triple Seven pellets or granular powder is ridiculously easy. Both rifle and hands scrub-a-dub clean with plain water. There's no need for fancy solutions or Windex. Unlike traditional black powder, there is no sulfur or carbon black in the formulation, so naturally it follows there's no objectionable strong smell (sulforous rotten egg). Similarly, the workplace wipes down with nothing more complicated than a damp paper towel.

FFG Triple Seven granulated powder is intended for use in shotguns and rifles with bores size 45 caliber and larger, as well as cartridges. While FFFG granular Triple Seven powder is intended for use in pistols and rifles with bores .50 caliber and smaller.

50 Caliber Magnums - 60 Grain Pellets

The newest entry in muzzleloading from Hodgdon Powder Company is the Triple Seven 50 caliber, 60 grain Magnum Pellets. With two Triple Seven Magnums you can achieve an additional 200-250 fps. In 26" in-line barrels this will normally result in muzzle velocity of approximately 2,000 fps. Packed 50 Pellets to the box.

A container of Triple 7 propellant in pellet form

50 Caliber - 50 Grain Pellets

Designed for use in 50 caliber in-line rifles. A single Pellet may be used for target or small game and two 50/50 Pellets may be used to create the 100 gr. equivalent for big game. Packed 100 Pellets to the box or 24 Pellets to the card. Easy clean-up, just like Triple Seven granular powder. It's designed for use with 209 shotshell primers only.

50 Caliber - 30 Grain Pellets

The 50/30 Pellets are designed for use in tandem with 50/50 Pellets to tailor loads specific to a given rifle. The 50/30 Pellets may be used in any combination with 50/50 or other 50/30 Pellets in charges up to a maximum of 100 grains. Packed 100 Pellets to the box or 24 Pellets to the card. Easy clean-up, just like Triple Seven granular powder. These pellets are also designed for use with 209 shotshell primers only.

45 Caliber - 50 Grain Pellets

The 45/50 Pellets are designed for in-line 45 caliber rifles. As with all Triple Seven products, clean-up is quick and easy with plain water. These Pellets may be used in 45 caliber rifles with saboted 40-caliber bullets for game from squirrel to deer. Triple 7 pellets are designed to be fired with 209 shotshell primers only.

Comparing the performance of Triple 7 with Pyrodex and Goex.

A final note, all charges of Triple Seven or Pyrodex are to be measured by VOLUME not weight. No problem. A simple, adjustable blackpowder measure is the correct tool for this job.