Hodgdon Reloading Data Center
Launches How-to Videos

by Timothy P. Banse

You've been considering the considerable benefits of reloading and wonder exactly what's involved. Here's a quick way to see how it's done, courtesy of Hodgdon.

Simply put, Hodgdon has launched three professionally-produced how-to videos that are free for the viewing on its popular Reloading Data Center. The titles of these three videos are appropriately:

1. Rifle Case Reloading
2. Pistol Case Reloading
3. Shotshell Reloading

Reloading basics are shown in an easy to understand, step-by-step format. What I really like about all three video is the way they are able to show concepts unavailable via the traditional loading manual with its mere printed words and photographs. Think clarity. Also, separately, the Data Center talks you through the selection of bullet weight and powder charge

More good news for shooters on the go, these informative videos can also be viewed on a smart phone or tablet in running time of less than three and a half minutes each.

Finally, the Reloading Data Center proper is not only the most innovative free web source of Hodgdon, IMR and Winchester reloading data to ever be offered by the shooting industry. So now, with the introduction of the new videos, it becomes an even handier educational resource. In addition to the new videos there is a complete section of reloading for beginner's information, safety procedures, frequently asked questions, tips and tricks and much more for every handloader.

To view the reloading videos go to the Hodgdon home page, scroll down then click on Reloading Data Center. Or in the alternative, go directly to Hodgdon Reloading.

Once there, follow the links.

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